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Solutions by Miranda

"The Mary Poppins of Administration"


Solutions By Miranda gives Business Owners their lives back. As business owners, we wear on average 10 different hats: ie. accountant, scheduler, lawyer, service provider, customer service, and the list goes on. Solutions by Miranda gets you back to wearing your original hat and wearing it well. Giving you time, energy, and creativity back. 


Solutions By Miranda comes into your business and brings order to your current and upcoming systems. We like to think any tasks that have been repeated 3 times can be automatic! Now allow us to find all those repeating tasks and make your life much easier. 

Schedule a Free Consultation to:
  • See if Solutions By Miranda is what you need

  • Describe your current hiccups in business

  • See which pricing option may be the best fist

  • Set a timeline 

  • Start getting Solutions today

  • Change your Business Life!

I've been called a wizard, magical, and, the master once or twice before. Hence the Mary Poppins references. To me, Mary Poppins is not only massively adorable but she also represents a change agent. With a bag full of Solutions, She will not be around forever but you're sure glad while she is.

Visit my Service page for a full understanding of my own bag of Solutions! 


I love the experience of Solutions by Miranda. I'm a new blogger that started off clueless as to how this digital world worked. SEO, forget about it, I was clueless as to what the word even meant before reaching our to Solutions By Miranda. However, after meeting Miranda, that has changed completely. I am learning so much and taking so many notes every times we talk. It's so nice to get some direction when you're unsure of where and how to start, totally worth it. I am looking forward to our next meting and whatever tips and tricks she will have for me this week.


As a small business owner, it's always difficult to decide what to outsource and what to do on your own to save money. Miranda is very helpful in both diagnosing what will optimize your time and what you should be working on! My business has significantly increased since hiring Miranda that more than pays for the work she has completed! The best part is I have more time for myself to do the things in life that really matter to me! Highly recommend for any business owner who wants to elevate mundane tasks and spend more time on the business and themselves!


I hired Miranda to help me with business marketing material for a trade show. She was very easy to communicate with and handing off the task was quick and painless. She new exactly what to do to get the job done and did a great job on my brochure and poster. I would definitely recommend hiring Miranda!


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