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Okay, buckle up. This page breaks down my services. Which means jargon city! I promise I will do my best to describe how each service is a benefit to your business. But before we get to that, let's talk about what you get access to! 

Your package includes:

  1. 1 Hour Consultation to understand the growth areas and pitfalls in your business thus far

  2. Limited Hours of back-end work/per month dependent on the package you choose

  3. Client Business Questionnaire 

  4. Automated Client Portal

  5. Real-Time Progress Updates

  6. Unlimited Email Communication

  7. Zoom Meetings

  8. "Ask Miranda" Access (allows you and staff members to receive education on all systems implemented)

Exclusive Services

What We Provide

Now for the things you don't really want to know about, but what to know that someone is doing them!

​*Please note, that there is no guarantee we will touch on all of these integrative systems in the time frame allotted.  This is the scope of business included in the package.  If you wish to complete everything, we will work on what we can, based on the hours provided in the package you've selected.  You are always welcome to purchase additional months or hours to address all your needs.

Program Integrations

I immediately think of that bones song we all learned in school, "the foot bone, connected to the leg bone"
ANYWAY! that is what I envision for your business. When someone fills out your contact page, they are added to your follow-up system, and your mailing list, they get an email and maybe even a prompt to book some time with you and that time shows up right on your calendar. That is what is possible when all your systems are talking to each other appropriately. 



No one likes the back-and-forth emails to set up a call or meeting. So let's make it easy. We set up your very own calendar link that lists the services you offer and connects directly to your calendar. No more accidentally double-booking yourself. It's practically perfect.



If you've sent that email at least twice it can be automated! Allow us to come in and find all the emails that can easily become templates. Just click the template you want, quickly add your personal touch and send it off! Forget the long to-do list of emails you need to get back to.


Client Follow Up

Speaking of getting back to, we've all been there. You meet with an amazing ideal client then don't get a chance to follow up or worse you lose their contact info. Forget all that, we can set up automatic templates and system triggers that simply need your approval to be sent, even as quickly as the end of your meeting. 



When it comes to you getting paid you don't want to wait until you have time. What if your client meeting, proposal, acceptance, invoice, and payment all happened while you sat in a meeting? Not only did you not have to put in work to get paid, but you also got to be fully present with the person right in front of you.



Cohesive is the name of the game. Does your email font match your logo, does that match your email signature, what about the updates you send, your invoices, or even letterhead? Branding not only allows us to define you and your company voice but also to make that clear and cohesive across every platform.


Marketing Plan & Online Presence

Once your brand is clear we can begin to market. Creating an online presence is vital to allow people to not only find you but also social proof you. From google my business to Facebook pages, and so on. Solutions By Miranda can make marketing feel like a breeze.


Website Clean Up & Creation

It's easy to do, we build the website the first time and forget to upkeep the edits. Or perhaps the entire website no longer promotes your values or focus. Solutions By Miranda can revamp your whole website and bring energy and focus back to your online presence.


CRM Setup & Clean Up

Every previous, current, and potential client all fall into the bucket we call your CRM or (Client Relations Management) tool. Do you know if you use it to its full potential, or do you even know what is available? Allow us to clean up your current system or set you up on a system perfectly aligned with the growth you have in mind.


Training & SOP's

Lastly, we offer training and education. We are completely aware everything above mentioned can be a lot to learn. We are happy to educate you and your staff on a specific piece or even create SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) for your documentation as you grow your staff.


Let's Work Together

If you have questions about anything above please reach out to me! I can either clarify, build something that may work for use both, or direct you to someone who is going to meet your goals!

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