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About Miranda

Hi Y'all!

I've likely already given myself away as a born and raised Texan. Living in the Texas heat, I jumped at the opportunity to uproot and move to the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, where I've lived since 2016.


While floundering my way into figuring out life, I met incredible people whose encouragement and belief in me led me to become the business owner I am today. If you get to know me a bit you'll know that Solutions are my thing! I see systems everywhere and I have the incredible gift if I do say so myself, of creating systems and organization for others. Not only do I love what I do, I simply could not live a different way if I tried! You can read more about all that on my "services" page. 

Otherwise, I spend my time dancing and teaching dance, drinking wine, eating cheese, educating myself, and practicing being an activist for the LGBTQ+ community, feminism, and equal opportunity for minority groups. I do this because I fall into these "categories" and equality is something I strongly believe people deserve. 

Thank you for spending the time to read about me, and get to know the "Miranda" in Solutions By Miranda. I'd love to get to know you right back, schedule a meeting and tell me all about what's important to you.

Much Love, 

Miranda (Your Mary Poppins)

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